Mobilize your enterprise

Mobility is the utmost requisite of every business or product in this age. At Dahlia Technologies, we offer you a range of services to help you get your idea or business, right on your target audience’s fingertips. Here’s what we offer:

Native App Development

We develop applications for Ios and Android, leveraging the exhaustive libraries and frameworks of both platforms for high performance and a seamless User experience.


Hybrid Application Development

With capabilities in Ionic and Xamarin platforms for Mobile Development, we develop and deploy single code for all platforms, giving you a native app feel and helping you save on costs.

Enterprise Mobility

Want to extend the possibilities of extending your existing setup to Mobile? Have an existing cloud based backend and want live data from the field for faster decision making and better business foresight? Partner with us and gain the most from our mobility consulting for your enterprise. We offer a host of development solutions for your requirements, from creating lightweight and scalable Rest APIs for seamless communication with your cloud servers, to creating beautiful graphs and reports for data analysis along with Business Intelligence capabilities. All on your Phone.


Why Dahlia technologies?

Design first – Our approach is Clean and Thoughtful design to our apps, with core focus on scalability and End User experience. Our Innovative nature and discipline to adhere to the best practices for development, ensures that you get a quality product. All at optimized costs.

Ontime Delivery – Your app needs to roll out ASAP in the market and the updates need to come in quick to give your audience better features. We understand these statements well and make sure things are rolled out nice and smooth.

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